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Portales Taqueria

Castro Valley

Where Burrito Calls You, Taco Makes You Stay!

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The Mexican food in the heart of the city

Portales Taqueria, the Mexican restaurant in Castro valley is here to set a trend for authentic Mexican food. From crispy tacos and juicy California burritos to mouth-watering quesadillas and flavorful fajitas; our menu is bursting with flavors from Mexico. We offer a varied selection of the best Mexican food at an affordable price. Plus we have delicious seafood delicacies including Camarones Rancheros, Cocktail de Camarones, Fish Tacos and more. We are open 7 days a week from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm. With 100% Mexican cuisine, we serve you the taste and culture that is celebrated around the dinner table with friends and family. The family recipes and creatively evolving dishes bring joy and flavor to your life. We passionately put them out at your table just as they are so when you leave, you leave with a content heart. Our family-friendly staff serves up delicious and traditional Mexican grill to make you feel right at home. The enchiladas are some of the best you'll ever have, and you won’t be able to resist the temptation of the homemade flour tortillas. If you're looking for a traditional Mexican dining experience, Portales Taqueria is a great option. We offer a wide variety of Mexican breakfast burritos, all of which are cooked to perfection. We also specialize in fusion cuisine, combining Mexican flavors with those of other Latin American countries. For something a bit more modern, check out our entire menu. Whether you're looking for a quick lunch or a leisurely dinner, Portales Taqueria is the perfect place where we are committed to serving you all some authentic Mexican food. Come experience the taste of Mexico through our unique recipes at our restaurant. We welcome you to try our made-from-scratch dishes made with ingredients of the highest quality that are fresh and locally sourced.

Flavors that have been created for you

Portales Taqueria is a family-owned Mexican restaurant that is known for its unique dishes, impeccable taste and generous portions in the city. The service provided by the owners shows their care towards their guests. Their dedication to making your experience heart-warming brings you back here for the same, now and then.


The promise of serving the best

From the freshly prepared quesadillas to breakfast burritos, salsa and seafood, we serve you everything with confidence no matter what time of the day you come. By always keeping the fun in the atmosphere and freshness in the food, we make sure you can unwind with your go-to Mexican food at our place.

Customer Reviews


Susan Huberich

Everything I have had from here is tasty, and they are very friendly and attentive to things you might like to modify. Their pork pozole was perfect for a cold evening.

Catherine Duarte

So good. The taco salad is perfect. The shrimp burrito was cooked well and the vegetables were a great addition. Everything had a fresh feeling to it. The food was so good we returned the very next day.

Christine Hussain

Perfect food! Excellent welcoming customer service from Ross and Gustavo and we are always welcomed like family. I highly recommend Los Portales Taqueria!